Conversations: Tim Holt and Richard Wood, Agencia

Course Duration: 49 minutes
Course Points: 45

In this video from the Fridays with Fintelekt series, Shirish Pathak, Managing Director, Fintelekt Advisory Services is in conversation with Richard Wood, Director – Justice, Policing and Security and Tim Holt, Director of Serious Crime from Agencia. The conversation covers financial crime and investigation space. The speakers talk about priority areas for banks and other financial institutions to make their AML/CFT frameworks more effective, ways to improve quality of STR reporting, gaps in the investigations system and policing from an AML point of view.

They talk about expectations of law enforcement or intelligence agencies from banks and financial institutions, and also share recommendations to regulators and banking sector to understand better and identify and mitigate risks associated with Covid-19, benefits of public-private partnership and information sharing, low asset recovery and confiscation because of inadequate legislation and lacunae in training and awareness of AML and CFT.