Expert Speak: Mark Nuttall, Hill & Associates Singapore

Course Duration: 41 minutes
Course Points: 40

Mark Nuttall, Country Manager, Hill & Associates Singapore talked about Investigating and Prosecuting Transnational Crimes. In his presentation he covers the importance of digital forensics, a deep understanding of criminal typologies and a holistic approach between police reviewers, digital forensic practitioners, and other task force components.

This presentation was part of the AMLC-Fintelekt AML/CTF Summit Philippines 2020, conducted virtually from November 23rd – 27th, 2020.

Conversations: Mark Nuttall, Hill & Associates Limited

Course Duration: 34 minutes
Course Points: 30

In this video from the Fridays with Fintelekt series, Shirish Pathak, Managing Director, Fintelekt Advisory Services is in conversation with Mark Nuttall, Country Manager at Hill & Associates Limited. The conversation covers reasons for low rate of conviction or asset confiscation related to money laundering and terrorist financing crime, challenges faced by AML/CFT ecosystem because of crime becoming increasingly multinational, ways in which AML/CFT stakeholders can become better engaged with combating crimes like human trafficking, wildlife trafficking and other environmental crimes, increasing efficiency in international cooperation and need for rationalization in the existing cooperation mechanisms, information sharing with the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and impact of Covid-19 on the money laundering and terrorist financing landscape and cyber crime.

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