Certificate Course: Sanctions Module 3

In Module 1 of the Certificate Course on Sanctions, Surinderjit provided an introduction into the world of sanctions by explaining the concept and giving a brief history of sanctions and listed the various sanctions imposing authorities.

In Module 2, she explained the various types of sanctions and their applicability.

In Module 3, she covers the importance of compliance with sanctions.

Nowadays, companies have to navigate a complicated global sanctions landscape. It is imperative that organizations engaged in international business be aware of and stay current with sanctions developments. Surinderjit explains the repercussions of failing to comply with regulations and financial sanctions.

She discusses the key trends in global sanctions, and lists down the elements required for effective KYC and CDD measures with respect to sanctions. She also covers the most effective ways to conduct sanctions screening.

She ends the module with a case study on ELF Cosmetics.

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Certificate Course: Sanctions Module 2

Module 2 of this Certificate Course aims to provide an understanding of the types of prevailing sanctions and the nuances between them. It talks about the policies and measures of international communities or states such United Nations, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada etc.

For each issuer, the course covers the specific objectives, various sanctions regimes, the types of sanctions and their applicability. For the United Kingdom, sanctions regulations post Brexit are also discussed.

The course includes a Case Study of North Korea to highlight the effectiveness of Sanctions.

Updated: July 2021
Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Inclusions: Assessment, Completion Certificate
Duration: 41 minutes
Points: 40

Trainer: Surinderjit Kaur, Faculty, Fintelekt Advisory Services
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