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Certificate Course: AML/CFT Compliance in Digital Banking

Course Duration: 124 minutes
Course Points: 120

In this Certificate Course (Designed specifically for Bank of Bhutan), Sharad Nair, Faculty Member, Fintelekt Advisory Services discusses the evolution of digital landscape in banking, and how criminals and fraudsters have kept pace with the evolution. He covers new methods of money laundering that have emerged as a result of this, and the need for reporting entities to be aware of these new typologies.

Sharad shares a threat and control landscape for the Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) Risks in the Digital World, highlighting the key risks and ways of adding controls to mitigate those risks.

He also covers global regulations and steps taken to mitigate the risks posed by the fast evolving landscape.

LRS/ Remittance Training

This course contains recording of the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS)/ Remittance Training, conducted by Fintelekt Advisory Services for Cashfree Payments on July 27, 2022.

Inclusions: Assessment, Participation Certificate

AML/CFT General Awareness Training Module – Payment System Operators

Fintelekt’s AML/CFT General Awareness Training & Certification Course (Payment System Operators) is an industry-reviewed and regulator-reviewed module designed to help employees within authorized payment system operator companies to gain the required knowledge about Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) from an educational, regulatory and ethical perspective.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand regulatory obligations and international norms around AML/CFT
  • To learn about the latest trends within AML/CFT including new and emerging risks
  • To learn ways to improve monitoring and reporting
  • To understand the importance of preventive policies and controls

Copyright: Fintelekt Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

Updated: July 2022
Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Inclusions: Assessment, Completion Certificate

Certificate Course: AML/CFT Compliance Training – Bank of Bhutan


This certificate course (customised for BHUTAN) covers the fundamentals of Anti-Money Laundering/ Combating Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT), explains AML/CFT compliance modalities and risk based approach and the instruments to detect and report Suspicious Transactions.

Certificate Course: What is an Executive Order? (By Nicholas Turner)

In this certificate course, the trainer Nicholas Turner, an acclaimed Sanctions lawyer, gives us an understanding of an ‘Executive Order’ in U.S. Sanctions – what is it, what it entails, how it is modified and what comes next.

Updated: January 2021
Level: Beginner
Inclusions: Assessment, Completion Certificate
Duration: 15 minutes
Points: 15

Trainer: Nicholas Turner, Of Counsel, Steptoe and Johnson
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Certificate Course: The Intersection of Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering and National Security (By Russell Wilson)

In this Certificate Course, Russell Wilson, Non-Executive Director, Transparency International Australia and former General Counsel, AUSTRAC illustrates how the security focus on the laundering of proceeds of corruption has increased in the last few years. He covers the persistent problems associated with Anti-Money Laundering measures: Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Beneficial Ownership.

He then describes how the focus on national security is being driven by the developments in the United States of America, and compares it with the current scenario in Australia.

Updated: August 2021
Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Inclusions: Assessment, Completion Certificate
Duration: 17 minutes
Points: 15

Trainer: Russell Wilson, Non-Executive Director, Transparency International Australia
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Certificate Course: Transaction Monitoring Module 1 (By Pramod Khandelwal)

In Module 1 of this certificate course, the faculty member talks about the extent and patterns of money laundering and funds transfers, various elements and types of funds transfers and purpose and framework of transaction monitoring.

Updated: January 2021
Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Inclusions: Assessment, Completion Certificate
Duration: 40 minutes
Points: 40

Trainer: Pramod Khandelwal, Faculty Member, Fintelekt Advisory Services
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