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As the volume of financial transactions continues to rise across the globe, banks and financial institutions must be capable of detecting and preventing suspicious activity, and for this, they need robust transaction monitoring processes and systems, and must continuously improve their AML transaction monitoring controls.

Teams responsible for transaction monitoring and suspicious transaction reporting grapple with a variety of issues, such as lack of good quality data, false positives, dated technology and outdated scenarios. To stay relevant, they need to keep up with the ever-changing trends and typologies related to money laundering and terrorist financing.

The training programme is designed as an advanced programme to help your bank’s AML compliance team to strengthen the compliance policies and processes, and improve the quality of reporting, scenario building and red flag indicators, thereby improving the institution’s risk mitigation responses.

Training Objectives:

  • To understand regulatory obligations and international norms around AML/CFT
  • To learn ways to improve monitoring, scenario building and red flag indicators
  • To understand the importance of a risk-based approach to monitoring
  • To strengthen the quality of suspicious transaction reporting.

Mode of Delivery: In-person or Virtual

Duration: 4 hours

Suitable for: AML Analysts, AML Compliance team members

Inclusions: Assessment, leading to a Certification of Completion for successful employees.
For virtual delivery, a recording will be available for one month after the programme for employees who missed the live session