Certificate Course: Targeted Financial Sanctions

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In this certificate course, Surendra defines the concept of Targeted Financial Sanctions (TFS), and compares it to Comprehensive Sanctions. TFS can be broadly classified into four categories. Surendra explains the difference between these categories, and covers the various sanctioning authorities that exist today.

The course also covers a brief description of UN Targeted Financial Sanctions, which follow FATF Recommendations against Terrorism Financing and Proliferation Financing, and implementation process of these sanctions.

Surendra states the obligations financial institutions have to identify designated persons, freeze their assets and prevent these people from using the financial system for their benefit. 

He concludes his presentation with evolving trends in economic sanctions across the globe.

Updated: July 2021
Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Inclusions: Assessment, Completion Certificate
Duration: 32 minutes
Points: 30

Trainer: Surendra Thapa, President & Founder, Global Intelligence Analysis Corporation, New York
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