Conversations: Chrisol Correia, Financial Crime Compliance Consultant

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On Fridays with Fintelekt today, Shirish Pathak, Managing Director, Fintelekt Advisory Services hosts Chrisol Correia, Financial Crime Compliance Consultant based in London.

In his career spanning two decades, Chrisol has witnessed the evolution of the financial crime compliance function in terms of capability, resources, scale, infrastructure and culture and towards a broader understanding that good compliance is a business enabler and not a blocker.

In the episode, Chrisol speaks on a variety of issues such as the benefits of technology for smaller institutions, regulatory expectations around risks and controls, collaborative analytics and information sharing.

He finds it encouraging that regulators are now embracing technology and are in a much better position to provide guidance to financial institutions on how technology and automation should be deployed.

He also feels that the next phase in the industry’s future will be around inter-institutional collaboration for multi-directional informational sharing about risks and typologies and a single view of risk across a particular ecosystem.

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