Conversations: Jessica Davis, Insight Threat Intelligence

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Fridays with Fintelekt today features Jessica Davis, President, Insight Threat Intelligence, an expert on terrorist and illicit financing, with host Shirish Pathak, Managing Director, Fintelekt Advisory Services.

Jessica explains the implications of the complex situation in Afghanistan, and the likely evolution of Al Qaeda, ISIL-KP, their own strategic objectives and their relationship with the Taliban in the region. All of these groups are drawing resources from Afghanistan, but counter terrorism financing (CTF) options with the global community are fairly limited, especially without any CTF forces on the ground. 

On CTF methods in general, Jessica strongly believes that all of the current measures have negative externalities, and that as a CTF community, some of the human rights or financial implications of CTF measures may have been glossed over. There is a need for the AML/CFT community to take a long hard look at regulations and recommendations and ensure that they are tied directly to observable and prevalent terror financing mechanisms.

Jessica is the author of the highly rated book Women in Modern Terrorism (2017) and is slated to publish another one Illicit Money: Financing Terrorism in the 21st Century in September 2021. In the conversation, she also speaks about the motivation behind her research and the various perspectives she has explored in her books. 

Visit the website of Insight Threat Intelligence for more insights and analysis around Jessica’s work and the books she has authored.

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