Conversations: Tadeo Jun Claravall, The Financial Crimes

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A milestone is reached for Fridays with Fintelekt today as Shirish Pathak, Managing Director, Fintelekt hosts his 50th guest Tadeo Jun Claravall, Founder, The Financial Crimes, and a student and teacher of financial crime risk and compliance.

In the conversation, Jun explains the motivation behind his recently published book, Financial Crime Fighter – Book of Mentors, which is a collaboration with 30 global leaders in anti-financial crime.

His goal for the book is to provide financial crime fighters all over the world with a secret weapon – access to advice, experiences and guidance from 30 global leaders as mentors that they can relate to.

Kudos to Jun’s decision to donate the profits of his book to support the fight against modern slavery!!More about the book here:

Besides revealing some golden nuggets from his book, Jun shares his thoughts on what might be the ideal characteristics and what he calls ‘real’ skills (not soft skills) needed for a financial crime fighter.

In his opinion, a supportive organisational culture is important, but not a necessary element to becoming an effective financial fighter.

Listen to the 50th episode of Fridays with Fintelekt for an energizing and motivating dedication to Financial Crime Fighters across the world!!

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