FATF Plenary February 2021: Outcomes and Interpretation

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Daniel Thelesklaf, International AML/CFT and Anti-Corruption Expert provides a round-up of the outcomes of the FATF Plenary Meeting which was held virtually from February 22 to 25, 2021. Despite the pandemic, the FATF has kept up with its planned timelines and the developments in this latest plenary are relevant for the public and private sectors alike. Daniel explains the rationale behind FATF’s recent report on risk-based supervision, highlighted also by FATF Executive Secretary David Lewis at Chatham House recently. Daniel also covers strategic initiatives in the areas of proliferation financing, mitigating risks from virtual assets and terrorism financing. He also covers key results of the mutual evaluation of New Zealand, changes to the gray list, and ends with an outlook on what may be coming in the area of beneficial ownership.

Updated: March 2021
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 27 minutes
Course Points: 25

Trainer: Daniel Thelesklaf, International AML/CFT and Anti-Corruption Expert
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