Webinar: AML Governance

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Course Duration: 1 hour 11 minutes
Course Points: 65

This webinar is part of the webinar series run by Fintelekt Advisory Services in association with the Asian Bankers Association (ABA). The topic for this webinar is “AML Governance” and was aired on December 16, 2020.

ARPITA BEDEKAR, Director – Strategy & Planning, Fintelekt Advisory Services
TANYA MCCARTNEY, CEO & Executive Director, The Bahamas Financial Services Board
PRAMOD KHANDELWAL, Faculty Member, Fintelekt Advisory Services
Key issues covered in the webinar:
• Overview of a typical structure of an AML/CFT governance framework
• The value of an enterprise-wide risk assessment (internal and external/independent)
• The intersection of compliance and risk management
• Establishing the right tone at the top
• Roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders to ensure an effective and implementable governance framework
• The role and responsibilities of the compliance head/team as well as the skillsets required in contributing to a robust governance framework
• Communicating the effectiveness of the AML/CFT governance framework in your organisation with the regulator

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