Webinar: Crypto’s Evolution, Enforcement Risks, Asset Recovery and Best Practices

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Course Duration: 52 minutes
Course Points: 50

Fintelekt Advisory Services and Asian Bankers Association hosted a webinar on Crypto’s Evolution: Enforcement risks, Asset Recovery and Best Practices on December 15, 2021.

The session was moderated by Arpita Bedekar, Director – Strategy & Planning, Fintelekt. The speakers were Vasu Muthyala, Partner, Kobre & Kim and Calvin Koo, Principal, Kobre & Kim.

The following key issues were discussed during the webinar:

  1. Cutting through the headlines: Current status of crypto in Asia and major global jurisdictions
  2. Enforcement risks: case studies of significant global crypto cases, highlighting government priorities and exposure areas for financial institutions and other reporting companies
  3. Asset recovery: dispelling myths and understanding tools for supporting crypto-related victims and creditors
  4. What’s next?: discussion on what to watch for in key jurisdictions
  5. Best practices: tips on how to manage risks in this new frontier
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