Webinar: Modern Slavery – Is Your Bank Protected?

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Course Duration: 38 minutes
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This webinar was presented by Fintelekt Advisory Services in partnership with The Mekong Club.

Modern Slavery is an umbrella term encompassing a range of human rights violations, from human trafficking and forced prostitution, to forced labour in supply chains. It impacts virtually every industry in every country in the world, with over 40 million victims across the globe. Increasing legislation holds the private sector responsible for combatting this crime, including financial penalties for non- compliance and confiscation of goods suspected to be tainted by modern slavery within supply chains.

The Mekong Club is an anti-slavery NGO that works positively and collaboratively with the private sector to combat modern slavery across industries. The Mekong Club has long-established working groups spanning the finance, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing sectors which meet on a regular basis. These working groups have highlighted the need for a comprehensive standard to which companies should aspire, to effectively identify and mitigate modern slavery risk in their operations and ultimately eradicate this crime by making it unprofitable for the perpetrators involved.

The Mekong Club has developed the modern slavery baseline assessment process to help companies understand the steps that they should be taking to comply with legislation and demonstrate industry leadership in anti-slavery strategy. It consists of a questionnaire process that is completed confidentially as an internal self-assessment, with guidance and input from Mekong Club. This is aligned with the work of the Asia Pacific Banks Alliance, which seeks to standardise the approach of financial institutions with regards to modern slavery risk across operations. Once completed, the Mekong Club team provides feedback and suggestions for how to improve your anti-slavery strategy over time. During this webinar, the Mekong Club team explains the process and how you can get involved.

The speakers in this webinar were Shirish Pathak, Managing Director, Fintelekt Advisory Services, Matt Friedman, CEO, The Mekong Club and Phoebe Ewen, Programme Director, The Mekong Club.

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